The Renal Project™

A Chain of Dialysis Micro-Centers

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The Renal Project™

A Mumbai based company started with the mission to revolutionize the availability and accessibility of dialysis therapy to the ever-increasing population of kidney patients.

The Renal Project plans to open around 500 micro-centers across India in order to penetrate the landscape that needs it.

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We fully understand that Chronic Kidney Disease and the treatment such as hemodialysis takes a lot out of the patient and the family. It is physically, emotionally, and financially a draining experience.

We employ the best technicians who are hand picked through rigorous questionnaires and also practical tests to ensure that they can meet the expected level of patient care that The Renal Project™ promises.

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Our Team

Jitesh Pednekar chief of staff at the renal project Jitesh Pednekar
Chief of Staff
Bhuvaneshwari chartered accountant at the renal project Bhuvaneshwari
Chartered Accountant
Sakshi Sawant is responsible for the documentation at the renal project Sakshi Sawant
Doctor Sandip Prabhakar Bhurke Nephrologist at the renal project Dr. Sandip Prabhakar Bhurke

Medical Affairs, M.D., DNB Nephrologist

Doctor Hardik Shah Chief Medical Advisor at the renal project Dr. Hardik Shah

Chief Medical Advisor

Manasi Gaur Brand Manager at the renal project Manasi Gaur

Brand Manager

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