When it comes to the requirement of home dialysis services in Mumbai, The Renal Projectâ„¢ always comes to the rescue! With various centers across many areas of Maharashtra, The Renal Projectâ„¢ continues to branch out tapping the areas in crucial need of dialysis facilities.

As per available data, 2,00,000 new cases are added to the existing population of chronic kidney disease each year. A survey published in 2016 by Late Mr. Arun Jaitley estimated a deficiency of about 3.4 crore dialysis sessions in the country which are concerning numbers. It was with the vision to address this issue that The Renal Project™ was launched by Shashank Moddhia in 2019, after he quit his job with Baxter International, a USA-based multinational healthcare company. The Renal Project™ provides affordable home dialysis services in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik to kidney patients. The idea? To bring excellent quality kidney dialysis within the reach of many untapped area of the Indian geography. Shashank, who holds a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas, USA, says that during his 12-year stint with Baxter, he worked as a quality manager for the Asia Pacific region, and engaged with 11 countries. He says that he noticed a stark contrast between medical services offered in India versus in other countries such as Malaysia and Philippines. That is where he realised there were many issues surrounding hemodialysis in the country, a major one being its accessibility in rural areas. It is then that The Renal Project™ was born with its concept of scalable size centers ranging from 2 bed to 40 bed centers want to collaborate with medical facilities where there is a void in availability of dialysis centers and ‘fill the gap’. It began with a single dialysis center in Mumbai growing onto now approximately 20 centers across Maharashtra within a year of its conception.

Currently, The Renal Project™ provides home dialysis services in Mumbai, across various locations, enabling and easing kidney dialysis for patients in need. The facilities provided to fulfil their vision of “easy availability of kidney dialsysis” include In-center dialysis, Home Hemodialysis & Emergency/Ad-hoc/Temporary Dialysis Set-up. The In-center facility assures 24/7 Patient care with unmatched mobility and experience of certified technician. The Home Hemodialysis revolves around app based convenient appointment booking and payment, and personalized care. The Emergency/Ad-hoc/Temporary Dialysis Set-up facility has been established so that no hospital/nursing home will need to transfer patient due to dialysis not offered. What are the dialysis centers like? A quiet and peaceful environment with world-class patient care, infection control alongside the best consumables & equipment under the care of highly-skilled, trained & courteous staff at highly affordable rates. An ethical work culture with specialized exclusive HHH+ / HHH- Centers & ICU & Emergency Facility, guaranteed. May it be home dialysis services in Mumbai or an In-center dialysis booking at Nahsik, The Renal Project™ is the solution to all kinds of dialysis requirements.