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Our Pledge

We here at The Renal Project™ pledge to provide you with the most thoughtful, efficient and peaceful treatment.

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For patients

Hemodialysis patients at renal project center

In-center Hemodialysis

With more than 15 locations across Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and Nashik area, and growing, we make sure we are not far from you. Each of our centers offer best of patient care at cost effective rates:

  • Quiet & peaceful environment.
  • Diligent infection control.
  • Best Nephrologists.
  • Skilled Certified Dialysis Technicians.
  • Best consumables & equipment.

  • Each facility is exclusively either totally a Covid Negative center or exclusively to serve Covid Positive patients.

    Hemodialysis of the patient at their home with the required machinery and doctor

    Home Hemodialysis

    Count on us for the best therapy possible in the comfort of your home. Our reasonably priced services include:

  • Best technicians who have excellent mobility to reach you anytime as per situational demands and at your convenience.
  • Staff that is highly trained on Emergency Response.
  • 24/7 Patient care.
  • Highly reliable equipment.
  • Excellent preventive maintenance.
  • Best of PPE and infection control.
  • New Emergency dialysis provided whether it is home or your preferred hospital

    Ad-hoc Emergency Dialysis

    Whether you are getting discharged or in a hospital that does not offer dialysis, whether it is at home or your preferred hospital, you may need emergency or temporary dialysis therapy and we are your go-to name.
    If you are a kidney patient and if the hospital of your preference or convenience does not offer dialysis services, please ask the management to get in touch with us.

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    For B2B

    New Hemodialysis operation at the renal project under well equiped management

    Operate a Hemodialysis Center

    The Renal Project™ works in an ISO 9001: 2015 framework of operations. Our simplified and standardized SOPs include inventory management, quarterly management reviews, audits, preventive maintenance, training, record keeping, environmental controls and customer feedback redressal. Our young and highly skilled team is accountable, hard working and provides best patient care through a well defined job description and set expectations.

    Emergency or temporary dialysis set-up with your convenience by the renal project

    Ad-Hoc/Temporary Dialysis Set-up

    Now no hospital/nursing home will need to transfer a patient due to unavailability of dialysis. If you are a healthcare provider and do not wish to permanently set-up a dialysis ward due to limited space, resources, or management decisions, contact us to know more how we can still help you to serve your patients who needs kidney care.

    Dialysis center installaton by the renal project

    Build a Dialysis Center

    Give us a Contract of Creating a Dialysis Centre as per your specifications. We provide TURNKEY PROJECTS with a hassle-free hand over and a streamlined process flow from gathering your user requirements to planning to execution to the first patient entering the facility. We assure you the most Cost-effective procurement and supply chain partners.

    consult operational excellence with the renal project

    Consult-Operational Excellence

    Get your dialysis facility and operations audited under the lens of ISO 9001:2015 and EMS concepts for best patient care, least wastage, smoother operations and improved margins.

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    Completely at your service

    We fully understand that Chronic Kidney Disease and the treatment such as hemodialysis takes a lot out of the patient and the family.
    It is physically, emotionally, and financially a draining experience.

    • Kidney shapeInfection Control.
    • Kidney shapeMonitoring of treatment through blood reports and examinations.
    • Kidney shapeNephrologist and medical professional engagement.
    • Kidney shapePatient health during the actual dialysis session as well as overall treatment progress.
    • Kidney shapePeaceful and hygienic environment with friendly, compassionate and capable employees.

    We employ the best technicians who are hand picked through rigorous questionnaires and also practical tests to ensure that they can meet the expected level of patient care that The Renal Project™ promises.

    We care for your health by the renal project